The Future of mobile is the future of online


To begin with, face the fact – About 25% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. For most of the millenials, such mobile devices are the primary, or sometimes, the only medium of accessing the internet.Also, the majority of these tiny yet stylish electronic gadgets run on the Android operating platform created by Google, followed by the iOS of Apple. A small fraction of the users of these mobile devices have Windows phones or Blackberry phones, and other operating systems have negligible presence in the mobile device market.


All of these facts translate into one simple yet bold message – if your business or website is not complemented by mobile applications and more specifically, Android applications, you are missing out a huge portion of potential customers for your business. They barely use desktops and laptops for anything else except heavy-duty work, forget about indulging in surfing the internet for personal or professional reasons.


There is one more profound rationale behind the unprecedented hype for mobile app development When a person accesses the internet from his Android smartphone or tablet, he has two choices – he can open the browser and look for the particular product or service that he wants to, or he can simply tap into an application that he has downloaded and installed, which shall take him to a dedicated website. While he has numerous options in the first route, from your business's perspective, you will face immense competition.


However, if the app he taps into is yours, then you have successfully managed to eliminate competition and have taken your customer into confidence. Unless your business itself fails to retain the attention of the customer due to inadequate stock, a poorly designed application or something else, you can be reasonably sure that a few dollars have entered (almost) into your business's bank account!