We must move from number keeping score to numbers that drive better actions


Bang! 'Here comes the era of internet marketing' was the wake-up call for many erstwhile marketing honchos, who tightened their belts and spend many sleepless nights figuring out how to utilize this new and craziest platform that has revolutionized the world. Analog was evaporating fast and digital was the 'in' thing. Everyone is on to digital world and


Unfortunately, many springs have passed since those days and in spite of that, only a few business schools have designed appropriate online marketing courses to capitalize the enormous potential that the internet offers as a way of marketing products and services. Consequently, the graduates and even experienced professionals that companies hire to develop and enhance their business, are not capable of effectively utilizing the opportunities that are available in the case of digital marketing, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods and channels.


Our internet marketing experts are all digital natives, i.e., they are internet users since their kindergarten days. They grew with the internet, and the internet has evolved to suit their needs. They are aware of the nuances of the internet based audiences and marketing campaigns, and are full of out-of-the-box ideas and kickass creativity that is necessary to turn the attention towards your brand.